The PatientPrep summary becomes your clinical documentation, easily transferring into your EMR or telemedicine platform

PatientPrep empowers healthcare providers to help additional patients per day by automating the way medical histories are taken, summarized and documented.

See More Patients

Save 3 minutes per visit by automating data collection

and documentation processes.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Reduce manual data entry and spend more valuable

time caring for patients.

Increase Third Party Reimbursement

Structured data collection reduces the number of

rejected claims and practice audits.

Latest news
TrueVation Technologies is pleased to announce the company has entered into an agreement with Canada’s second largest Electronic Medical Record provider, QHR Technologies (QHR:TSXV). The agreement transfers to QHR the exclusive rights to the PatientPrep platform in Canada. The agreement allows the over 7000 physicians using QHR’s Accuro and MEDEO platforms, along with the millions […]
Jeff Wandzura
By Dr. Ryan Sander, MD Telemedicine is here to stay. According to an American Telemedicine Association report, over half of all U.S. hospitals now use some form of telemedicine to assess and communicate with patients.  Patients love the idea of seeing their doctor and receiving treatment without having to leave their home or work.   […]
Jeff Wandzura
Like all healthcare professionals, I’ve experienced the day-to-day stresses of caring for patients during my almost 10 years as a physician. I’ve always been intrigued with how technology can make a meaningful impact on the care we provide. This mindset has me continually asking – how can we do things better? We have a tough […]
Jeff Wandzura
As a physician who has now used PatientPrep in my practice for several months, I can genuinely say it makes it even better. Without PatientPrep, a health care provider may enter the room where a patient is, perhaps chat a little bit with the patient about their recent life events, then eventually ask an open ended question like, “what brings you in today?”
Ryan Sander
Million Misdiagnoses

12 million people in North America receive an incorrect medical diagnosis each year. PatientPrep helps physicians by asking key questions and identifying red flags on their behalf, before the visit even begins.

Medical Templates

Robust collection of physician designed medical templates ready for use. Fully customizable to reflect your style and area of clinical focus.


The average time it takes a patient to complete PatientPrep’s comprehensive multiple choice medical templates.